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The Best Thing I Ever Did Was To Believe In Me - You Can Do The Same!

I was diagnosed with chronic pelvic congestion syndrome when I was 17 years old and have had to deal with ongoing pain for the last 7 years. After several doctor visits and many unsuccessful treatment plans, I finally went to see Jennifer. I noticed an immediate change and so did my husband and coworkers.  She was able to get to the root of the problem and assist me in my healing process. For the first time in several years, I no longer have to deal with ongoing excruciating pain. I never thought it was possible! Now my husband and coworkers want to meet with her, too!


I have had the pleasure of having many energy sessions with Jennifer. She has helped me unblock various aspects of both my physical and spiritual well-being. Jennifer takes time to really listen to me before each session so she can gain a true sense of what is actually going on in my world. Once she is aware of the situation and has made me comfortable with the direction the session is going to go, she spends a thorough amount of time, through her healing techniques, to solve the problem I arrived there with. I have never had a session with Jennifer that didn't make me feel physically better and more spiritually enlightened and reconnected with my sense of peace. In fact, there have been a couple of times when I could not meet with her personally and requested a distance healing session instead. Within a short period of time, I began feeling better. I believe in Jennifer and what she does so much I have even allowed her to do her energy work with my teenage daughter and have seen

amazing results in her spiritual growth and transformation as well. I highly recommend healing sessions with Jennifer. She is truly amazing.


Jennifer has been an angel in my life. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to work with her. I came to Jennifer with major back pain; I had been seeing a chiropractor for two months when I discovered Jennifer’s services. I had one visit with Jennifer and have not had back pain since, nor have I needed my chiropractor. Thank you Jennifer!


I had the best experience EVER when I had a session with Jennifer. It was a healing session and it was intense. I've never felt anything like it. My whole body vibrated while she was doing the healing on me. I have been a chronic pain suffer for more then 20 years and for a week after Jennifer did her healing on me I felt no pain. She has great advice to follow as well. Jennifer is amazing!!!!!


Jennifer encouraged me to be independent and whole, to see things with a clearer perspective. Through her guidance and support I was able to see the truth in who I am and what I want in my life. Because of Jennifer, I had the courage to pursue a new career and heal some of my old wounds.


I came to a point in my life that I wanted real change; with my outlook, direction, including letting go of past hurt particularly in my divorce. I am not a religious person, but wanted to explore my spiritual life more. A friend brought me to Jennifer and out of curiosity I just went with it.


Jennifer is so disarmingly peaceful, kind and warm it relaxed me immediately. We spent time talking about my past, present and what I wanted my future to be. She helped me realize how to get out of my own way. We stayed in contact not only through our sessions, but through email and text throughout the week. I often laughed when I would get a text in the middle of the day because it was usually dead on to something I was struggling with at the moment.  I have gained insight into how I view the world, my life, family and how I make decisions.  I have found more confidence and faith that things will always work out. Thank you! have kind and gentle spirit that allows revelations to float to the top!


Be careful what you  wish for! I never knew that when I first reached out to you in April that before the end of the year my life could change so much to resemble so much of what I believed I wanted! I have one day left of work before I'm off on Tuesday. I worked all last week except for Thursday. Even weekend days are at 6 to 7 hours a day. It's a lot and I often feel that I'm just starting to realize what I don't really know, but I'm learning! My moms funeral went well. One of my personal barometers was that my eulogy made my kids tear up. A lot of that day was about them for me. I was happy talking about my mom as the person beyond the mom she was. You helped me make this transition a fluid one. I will always be grateful  for you!


Thank you for the transformation you took on in your life and your support for others on the journey. Thank you for trusting God and the angels and following your truth. Thanks for your infinite love and compassion you bring to the world. Thank for your smile, and for being gorgeous. Thank for walking earth with grace and beauty.


From the moment you meet Jennifer you will know if she is person who can guide you through your healing process. She has a great diversity of tools under her belt combine with her innate sense for being able to see the root of issue. She can and will take you through your individual healing process whatever your ultimate goals are.


It was amazing working with you. I can’t even explain or put into words how different I feel. I am so grateful you have entered in my life. I am feeling hopeful for the first time in a long time. Talking with you and the meditation and the bowls was so powerful for me.


Working with Jen has been a truly gratifying experience. She has helped me grow in strides within myself which reflects in my day to day. I am excited to continue incorporating these new practices into my life.


You have shown me that listening to my body is essential to healing. Even though it has taken some time, I know that honoring this time is crucial for me to heal correctly. I get it!


I have been going through a pattern over the last ten years in my life with my career, men, relationships and family.  What I realized about all the experiences I was putting myself through, as I was in them.  I had always taken responsibility for my actions, however, never truly understood why, I was putting myself through all this undue stress, anxiety, and lack of sleep.  I decided to seek advice about analyzing these behaviors.  After, three months, I have changed jobs, closed on my new home, and started a side hobby of modeling and acting.

I thank God, Jennifer, my family and good friends for all the support.  We are never alone in this life.


Life’s stresses were getting the best of me to the point where I was not taking care of myself or my responsibilities. Jennifer has been an amazing influence and has helped me shift my energy and habits, making a plan and making sure I was executing said plan. It’s helped me shift my energy and escape my protective shell which I had been slowly burying myself in for quite some time. She has a knack for customizing a treatment that suits your needs at the time.


I am eternally grateful for this moment, for time and space to have opened up for you to be part of my journey and walk on this path with me! I feel more ME thank you for seeing and affirming me.

Holistic therapy and healing from an incredible woman, Jennifer Emperador has helped tremendously both physically and spiritually. I feel so more brave, courageous, and comfortable in my own skin. She has been helping me focus on myself and find peace within. I was going through so much stress, anxiety, trauma, confusion and insecurities before but slowly and surely I have been able to to guide myself to find how to love myself. To be a leader, a teacher, and caring woman overall. I look forward to continuing this cathartic and restorative journey.

What an amazing integral breath session. We released a layer that was outside my awareness - I had no idea that energy was trapped in my body and I never would’ve thought to release it.

I just got back from my company women's retreat in Tucson. The topic was overcoming obstacles/increasing your leadership presence. We discussed lots of the stuff that you and I have worked on. It's amazing how different my perspective is now versus before we met. Wow! How I evolved thanks to you! Be proud of your work!

Thank you for just allowing me to be unapologetic in my healing.  You have a gift, and I am so grateful to share space with you.

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