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The Meaning of Valentine's for a Trauma Survivor

February 2020

Dear Survivor,

Valentine’s Day is here and love is in the air! We express our admiration and affection to those we care deeply for, but does that include yourself? As survivors, we share a unique and toxic relationship with our trauma that may feel like it’s holding us back from loving our lives and even from loving ourselves. It’s time to direct this loving energy back towards you and begin your healing journey. Some of you may have even started the process already! No matter where you are, we aren’t here to race to the finish line nor will it ever be a comparison of each other’s journey. This is a community of survivors with unspeakable memories and those that are ready to be the voice for others.  We don’t heal in isolation; we heal in community, and this community is full of unconditional love and unwavering support! Know now… You are not alone.

Like you, I’ve had my good days and I’ve had my bad days, even with years of healing that I’ve experienced. Love and grace remind me to be more compassionate with myself, with who I am today, and with the choices and experiences of my past.

Growing up in a house that lacked love and support was an ideal breeding ground for trauma. The “father figures” I had either sexually abused me or were only around temporarily. At the time, my mother was emotionally absent and never gave me the approval I yearned for. I entered a cycle of abusive relationships as a result - hoping the next one would give me the peace and acceptance that I was unable to give myself. I didn’t realize then, but my childhood wounds were creating reactive habits and addictions that carried on into my adulthood. During my darkest and lowest point, I decided to commit to changing my life for the better. No longer am I the girl with C-PTSD, anxiety or depression. I am a SURVIVOR dedicated to practicing and sharing my healing tools and techniques with others who have experienced trauma. I am living my truth.

I get it. Facing what happened in our past can be debilitating. My intention is to create a sacred space where people remember who they really are regardless of their painful past. Healing from our traumatic experience is possible. As a survivor yourself the first step is to believe YOU can heal from this.

I see YOU! I acknowledge your presence in the hopes of reminding you that you are already whole. Let’s reclaim our lives as our own. Coming together, I hope to inspire you by:

  • Allowing Transformation
  • Changing Habits
  • Discovering Your Truth
  • Holding Sacred Space
  • Stepping into Your Power
  • Rewriting Your Story
  • Rediscovering Your Worth

Although we will never be able to erase our past, we can create a new relationship with who we are and what happened to us so that we can free our hearts and celebrate who we are fully.

Take your first step for change, make an appointment with me by writing to or calling 602-502-0307.

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Supporting you with love and respect,

Zen Jen (formerly known as Jennifer Emperador) is a Trauma-Sensitive Practitioner specializing in a wholeness approach to healing trauma. She’s a survivor, warrior and fellow sister who wants to inspire and empower women dealing with trauma and PTSD.




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