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Cultivating Connection While In Quarantine

Finding Ways to Get You Through Isolationship

April 2020

Dear Survivor,

How are you experiencing life right now? A lot has happened in these past couple months and I wanted to check in. COVID-19 has affected the world down to our own neighborhoods in ways a lot of us have never experienced: social distancing, the quarantine, toilet paper shortages… So much in so little time. I-for one- have had to welcome a generous amount of change.

One of the biggest impacts this quarantine has had is on the job market. Many people are losing their jobs due to businesses closing their doors and limiting their hours. These aren’t all strangers, they’re our neighbors, friends, and family. Unfortunately, I got to experience this firsthand as well. As much as I want to continue helping others, I’ve had to make changes in the way I interacted with my clients. I felt overwhelmed and was out of my comfort zone. Despite what I was experiencing it was more important for me to give my clients the tools and resources they needed to feel supported during this pandemic. As I was experiencing the same high’s and low’s I couldn’t help but appreciate our strength as a nation and also on an individual level. Because of our survival instincts we are have the innate ability to transcend through our challenges. We are all resilient and born to handle adversity each and every day.

We can choose to experience life differently or we can choose to unconsciously cope with what life is throwing at us. I was ready to take on the challenge of turning this emotional prison into a retreat for wellness because I know that you get to choose what your life looks like. Sounding too optimistic? I know life will not always have rainbows, unicorns, and butterflies and there’s certainly no denying what’s going on. The balance is found between being concerned, not consumed and with that I decided to direct my focus onto my mental health. I started seeing a therapist and I even had the pleasure of experiencing it through a different platform. Therapists are one of many ways to help pull us back to our well-being. Fellow warrior, there are good days and there are not as good days but if we can make it through them once, we can surely do it again! Don’t forget to celebrate you and those wins!

If you’re struggling with your mental health, there’s hope for you too! The answer lies in connection. As humans we are hard wired for connection. With social distancing, the connection may feel weak or even nonexistent. As I’ve said before and I’ll continue to say, we heal in community not in isolation. If you’re wondering how, I’ve got a couple suggestions that are creative and fun while keeping you connected:

  • Write a Letter or send a greeting card
  • Zoom/FaceTime/Video Chat
  • Phone Call/Text
  • Virtual Hangouts/Happy Hour/Pajama Parties

Staying connected can also mean with yourself. Being connected with yourself can bring a sense of serenity even in the loneliest of moments. Try it out:

  • Meditation
  • Journaling
  • Yoga

The world is forced into a quietness that we’ve never experienced before, a place of solitude with our own minds and hearts. Our busyness has been an excuse to postpone what was needed a long time ago—connection. Let’s pause this busyness for a moment and see how we can recalibrate our lives and cultivate connection not only with each other but also with ourselves. Although challenging, this time of quarantine is the perfect teacher. As Abraham-Hicks stated, “Your choices of action may be limited—but your choices of thought are not.”

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Supporting you with love and respect,

Zen Jen (formerly known as Jennifer Emperador) is a Trauma-Sensitive Practitioner specializing in a wholeness approach to healing trauma. She’s a survivor, warrior and fellow sister who wants to inspire and empower women dealing with trauma and PTSD.


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